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    2015 Deer hunt

    Here is last years deer. He was an 8 point and weighed 174. Shot down in southern NB. I got him the 2nd to last evening of the season. I was still hunting and had a doe and fawn come through. I just sat and waited as it was going to be dark soon. 10 minutes later this guy comes in on there...
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    2016 NB Moose hunt

    Our 2016 moose hunt took place up in Northern NB. It was day 4 of our hunt and after passing on a couple cows we chose to hunt down in a block of black spruce littered with trails and pits. After cow calling we had a bull circling us but keeping his distance. I then switched gears and...
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    The big 6.

    This is a big woods buck that is now 8 years old. I chased him around on corn flakes the last day but he beat me and lives on. Hopefully he makes the winter now s our deer season is over.
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    Any linemn on here??

    Just curious if there are any. Im going through a career change and getting my certification to be a lineman. Im loving the schooling and training. Just wish I would have done this 20 years ago!
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    Nice buck but not in range

    This buck came out on my first sit. Not where I wanted him too of course!!
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    2014 Moose hunt

    Another successful northern NB moose hunt. I was invited along as the caller/unofficial guide by my step father and grandfather. On Thursday morning called out a bull that Larry gladly took. He has 12 points with a 52 inch spread and weighed 863 pounds. Larrys first moose after 3 attempts...
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    My 2014 Spring bear

    Great spring bear hunt! On June 17th my gf and I were hunting out of my site. I had set it up a tree stand for bow and also a blind as well for when I took my kids or anyone else who wanted to tag along. We got in later as kids had to be taken care of before the hunting started. At approx...
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    Some bear pics

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    Bushnell cam

    Anyone else own a bushnell trophy cam and have issues with the batteries coming loose and popping out some. Mine does this all the time and leaves me pictureless and having to reset my time and date a lot.
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    My 2011 8 point

    I finally got around to mounting my buck from 2011. It was a 10 minute track job that took him down.
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    Porcpine close ups

    I actually have video of the mother on my but I had my camera sideways and cant turn the video around
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    First to hit the bait

    This little dude is in his glory right now. He's the first to find to bait and its all his!
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    Biggest moose rack

    Does anyone know what the highest B & C score is from a Maine moose rack?
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    New Brunswick moose season

    Good news for Hunters of NB as our 3 day moose season has now been extended to a 5 day season. This seems strange as Maine has lessened their tags. A lot of people believe that the increase in days is because the govt is giving more of the tax payers crown forest away to a private company...
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    Nice rack

    Went and scored some racks looking for entries into the New Brunswick big game club. Scored 10 in total with one making it. The one that made it I saved to the last. Best part was it ended up coming home with me! It's a tight rack with 26 inch main beams and the longest tine going 11 inches...

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