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    Big Adirondack Buck

    Hmmm never thought of that but you’re right! Be tough to match him with anything but another big boy!
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    Big Adirondack Buck

    Talking about big bucks...My brother just found this old newspaper clipping (Lawrence Eagle Tribune circa 1960-62) My dad shot this before he even started taking my brother and I hunting. It was 267 lbs field dressed (no innards) of course the paper got the weight and my dad’s 35 Rem rifle wrong...
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    Big Adirondack Buck

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    $8,500 LEB 7600

    Whew...! that's one UGLYYYYY firearm! :confused:
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    This should shed some light on anti trapping bills......

    I tell my wife every day to “put that .380 pistol in your pocket” when you take the dog for her morning walk....she’s been lax about it but tomorrow morning she will have it. We have numerous fox and the occasional coyotes crossing our property nightly as evidenced by tracks in the snow. Found a...
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    What do you drink after hunting?

    Pink squirrels and Shirley temples all around! :ROFLMAO: Back in the day when I was involved in a camp it was beer while cooking and telling stories of the day, beer while eating and beer during the all evening poker game... ( can’t even recall what brand but was probably Miller High Life or...
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    Timberframe House Build

    Gotta hang em higher...foxes and coyotes will get em otherwise....
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    Bear claws

    In this case it was a one and done...many bears paid it no mind.
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    Big Adirondack Buck

    Still a stud of a buck wherever it was killed!
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    Timberframe House Build

    What a beautiful home and as others have said, great craftsmanship! I can relate to having a “hands on” experience with building a home as my wife and I just built our own addition to our log home. Stacking logs is nothing compare to your work but still we have the satisfaction of knowing our...
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    2016 Argo Frontier Scout amphibious 6x6

    As an incentive, I’m adding a certain firearm (listed on here) to the sale of my Argo. PM FOR DETAILS
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    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    Yup! I appreciate your generousity! I have the Browning parts bookmarked so when I’m ready to spring for walnut, I’ll call and make sure I order the correct stocks by serial number.
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    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    No notches on mine so I guess a type II
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    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    No notches on mine so I guess a type II