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    Supporting member purchase

    I purchased the supporting member yesterday...when does the “no ads” kick in? Just checking...:)
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    Unreal Shots With A Traditional Bow

    Man! That’s some shooting!
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    2020 Hunting Plans

    You must have he use of a tractor to haul a monster like those bruins out of the woods! My plans are just to leave my basement with my crossbow and pistol for bear and archery, the muzzleloader season, and finally my BAR for the buck season. I will be moving my ladder stand and ground blind to...
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    I noticed the same thing and was going to ask the same question. You beat me to it...sign of the times I guess.
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    Little tick

    Ain’t much you can do about one of those if he makes his trek into your nether-regions...:oops:
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    Long flight for a piece o’ tail...:rolleyes:

    Long flight for a piece o’ tail...:rolleyes:
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    coyote alert

    Too old for dat shite! :D
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    coyote alert

    Michael j Fox? Why the f**k don’t the Hollywood types stay in their own damned play pens...
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    Hernia Surgery

    Heal up quick! I’m always amazed at nature and how animals have such a calm disposition when faced with certain demise...especially with small snakes and frogs! Seems the toad does not even know he’s about to be digested...
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    Gun Owners In NH : 100 Percent Partisan Gun Law Passed By Demorats 6/29/20

    Sununu has, in past interviews and gun rally speeches, said that he will “hold the line” against any attempts by the bloomberg dems to push through anti gun anti 2A bills. Hopefully he stays true to his addition, these lawmakers can OVERRIDE a veto with the applicable majority of...
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    A Changing Tide?

    I ran across this guy on YouTube who records his hunts and gives a wealth of info on public land hunting. He goes where most wont go (swamps) and such and kills a lot of deer. His name is Dan Infault. He does push some of the products he uses and I think he has invented them too. Real down to...
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    Let's See Your 2020 Archery Setup!

    I try to go light but between the propane bottles and the bag of Chunky’s chocolate bars I get weighed down a bit...thankfully it’s only a 5 minute walk to my blind! 😅
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    The Elmers do grunt when they think they are getting close to a for them but I have used my grunt call so many years with no “known” results.
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    R.I.P. Elli

    That “day” always comes when we need to do what’s best for our loyal best friends. It’s dreaded by me and most dog people. Very sorry for the loss of your family member...Elli is over the rainbow bridge now.
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    Glad to hear I'm not alone! Ive been hunting almost 60 years!

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