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    This deer is said to be hit by a car in Sturbridge.

    Let the fun begin! That said, jeezuz h cripes what a stud
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    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    LMAO @ “taint tickler”😅
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    taxidermy advice

    I would have recommended you to a young lady that does nice work but alas, she is training the buyer of her business and is not taking new work. I don’t know how the trainee will work out but time will tell.
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    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    I didn’t say they don’t have a right to be land and my neighbor’s are open to all. Now if I see someone “on a stand” from my living room...that’s another story.
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    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    Good point and absolutely call a CO!
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    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    I agree with you posting your land as it is probably the only way to keep out the “new age” rifraff. Was this guy self filming his “hunt” as well? Pull up “deer hunting” on youtube and there are countless of these nimrods that learned how to hunt FROM YOUTUBE! The “look at me” generation has...
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    How do these guys do it?

    I think the “whiners” are mostly opposed to the virtual, slaughter of bucks already in or near their yards in a very “deep snow” season and in well defined and known trails through the deep snow. No comparison to movement on bare ground in any season.
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    Mass buck 2 down

    Awesome! That’s how it happens! I don’t know if I could stand being in an area with so many tree huggers though...kudos to you for your diligence!
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    Anyone experiencing a “slow down” on deer movement in NH? My cams have gone dry except for a little, persistent 4 point that has eluded me and my BAR. :p Almost seems like a weak rut this year (in my little world anyway).
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    How do these guys do it?

    Put cameras out and you'll see deer (on the cam)! ;)
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    My friends camera caught this.....

    Geeze...gonna have to get me a 3d target! :LOL:
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    Rub lines

    Well, like anything else in the deer woods, these are clues that a buck has traversed the area. Will he return? No one can predict these things. Hunting can be many things depending on the TIME you are willing to put in to kill a deer. You can do the homework, scout until your boots fall off and...
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    Ticks have been noticeably absent in my woods...thank god for that. Central NH
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    Lucky Friday the 13th

    That’s a beauty Kevin! Congrats
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    Maine Bound

    Go get ‘em!

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