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    Nice Trout

    Looks like one of those chinese "dollar store" Mepps Aglias
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    Maine Lead Ammo Ban

    I would say it’s both ignorant and malicious...
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    Hunting E- bikes

    One I was looking at online had a “walk along” mode where you could walk alongside the bike and have it haul your deer cart/trailer. Seems the “mid motor” as opposed to rear hub motor are more suited for hilly terrain.
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    Hunting E- bikes

    Friend wintering in FL got me thinking about Ebikes. He just ordered one for his MA residence but my interest piqued regarding using one to get in and out of the woods as my 71 yr old hips and knees aren’t what they used to be...:( Anyway...holy crap! These thing’s look awesome and there are...
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    Maine Lead Ammo Ban

    I’d do ‘er :love:..that said, this will never pass.
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    Stihl chainsaw

    I found a dealer in NH whose website has one in stock. If you want to call them to see if they will ship (or actually have one in stock) East Coast Lumber and Equipment Center Hampstead, NH
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    Stihl chainsaw

    I have 2 big one and a smaller one. I haven't "looked" lately but where they sell them in central NH They seem to be well stocked. Next time I go I'll see if they have a 500i.
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    Matched Set

    Wow! nice rack! :LOL:
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    So, in a Ashland, is there someone that feeds the deer? How is it that you saw so many deer? Not really an easy winter here in central NH as the deep snow packed and crusted giving predators access across the board. It stayed crusted until all the recent rains...on that note, in my “deer poor”...
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    The Shot

    More conservative than ever, given the state of the oval “orafice” :mad: Buying and hoarding guns and ammo...not really, but I did score a hard to find pistol last a 10 year old price point as well! I couldn’t walk out of the little mom and pop shop without it! I won’t advertise what...
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    The Shot

    Do you believe, like the "My Pillow Guy" says, that the vaccines are "the mark of satan?" :devilish::oops:
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    Got my 2019 Nh 175# 9 pointer back!

    Looks great! Congrats on a beauty! I’ll echo NHH and ask who the taxidermist was?
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    The Shot

    My wife had a hellava dizzy spell while at work yesterday, a little over a week after our shots. She called me to pick her up bring her the time I got there she had scheduled a test at a CVS. We went and got her tested but she won’t get a result until a couple days later. She felt good...
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    Wild Pigs

    Did not know that many were killed by hunters! I would have thought as a hunter, I may have heard that some were in fact killed! Thanks for the info...I do know that the owner of Wildlife Taxidermy Sport shop in Auburn was killed there. Not sure what those circumstances were exactly...I’m sure I...
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    Kinda Fell into this one

    Hmmm....that Gunshop owner knew these rifles are going for much higher prices these days. This is the only thing I hate about guns shops. Most don’t come close to giving a fair price based on the firearm’s true value. Car dealers and gun shops...legalized theft. That said, you “stole it”...

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