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    That is good news. I'm familiar with your area. It's been a long time since we've had those kinds of numbers. Almost back to the good old days.
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    Kinda Fell into this one

    Congratulations! I'm not a pump guy but you bet your ass I would have jumped on that deal too!
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    Vt's New Record Typical Whitetail

    A friend and I were riding atvs in the Chateauguay 4-5 years ago. His started over heating so we stopped at a gentlemans off grid camp to see if we could wash his radiator. I started talking deer hunting with him and he ended up showing us his camp and several gorgeous sets of antlers. He had a...
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    CVA Wolf Muzzle Loader

    I handled one of these today, along with a Woodman. They felt very similar in length, weight, and LOP. The Woodman was $800 and the Wolf was $260.
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    Vt's New Record Typical Whitetail

    Funny story. There are some other Vermonters that hunt the same area we do in Maine. We ran into one of them and he asked us if we had seen Greg's buck on social media. We told him we had. He goes, "I live near Greg. I had seen a huge buck in the area. I'm up here hunting in Maine and my wife...
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    Vt's New Record Typical Whitetail

    I've seen a few of his mounts. He does awesome work.
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    Unforgettable Hunt

    I think you are absolutely correct about lowering standards. My problem is, NH & ME usually get snow before VT. By the time I get to track in VT, I've already put on many miles where 200lb bucks are much more abundant. In VT, I ended up spending a lot of time looking for something that is much...
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    Stimulus Money

    I'd love to put my Sidewinder up for sale. My fear is trying to replace it if it sells. The trails in VT are just starting to take shape.
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    Stimulus Money

    I bought a 700 new in 2016, and that machine was riddled with issues. I dumped it and bought a nice used 2014.
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    I will also be looking to replace my 1x4 scope on my ML with a 2x7. There is nothing wrong with my 1x4, I just want more magnification. I've been running Vortex optics for 7 seasons. I had an issue with the scope on my Muzzleloader not holding zero. I sent the scope back, and they called me in...
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    Hunting tomorrow

    Where is there still hunting to be had?
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    Unforgettable Hunt

    Believe it or not, it was probably an hour and a half after the shot before he expired. These animals are tough.

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