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  • Hi Micheleee,
    I have an old chest freezer that you're welcome to have. You need to pick up. Not sure of the year, but runs great and is all cleaned up inside. I live in Dover, NH let me know if you're interested.
    BH65 (Bob)
    Thanks for getting back to me. He is interested in being a fish cop as of now! He has also expressed intereste in wildlife conservation. What are you majoring in? Do they have any s-shirts that just say Unity College. Maybe you could take a picture of whats available and sent it to me along with the price and then I will tell you which one I like for hime and size and send you some money?


    My name is Bob Reynholds and live in CT. I see that you go to Unity College in Maine. My son has expressed some interest in Unity college although he is only a freshman in high school. My question is if I send you some money for a sweatshirt along with shipping money do you think you might be able to help me in getting a Unity College sweatshirt for him? Let me know.

    BRHNTR or Bob Reynholds
    Just so you know your private message box is too full. It wont accept more..just a FYI for ya
    Hows the scout in going in mass.. late session tuff this yr
    Food isnt there.. find the food find the deer....good luck . I hunt
    Central mass north of Worcester
    Mass right now, but may be hitting CT archery the next few weekends if a few things fall into place
    Hope you dont mind the boys. THEY sometimes forget we do have ladies among us.....okokok, I guess I started it. Hope no offense.
    That's awsome! Your so lucky and im jealous.. you hunt and are gorgeous too! Definitely unique so props to you!
    Lucky Dog, I have been hunting boar of my relatives ranch twice this summer, lots of fun and lots of coyotes too.
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