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    Awesome buck grunt

    Turn up the volume. A doe just past the camera. Next video he was chasing her all around.
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    Birthday buck!

    20years in the making! Every year I say I am going to shoot a deer on my birthday, and every year it does not happen. Yesterday morning was looking perfect, cold, 34 degrees, heavy rain on its way. I figured the deer would be moving. 730 rolls around and a doe trots down the hill in front of...
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    stinky boots

    Dug out my heavier muck boots in the basement for later this fall. Apparently a mouse took up residence in the winter. They didnt chew them or eat the wool foot liner, but they did piss in them. Anyone know the best way to get rid of that stench? I was thinking to coat it in baking soda and...
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    Some vids

    Finally got around to uploading some of my vids form this summer. I have a few good groups of bucks hanging around. I hope they stick around!
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    Alright gang, I haven't been fishing in many many years. It seems like living in Groton, I have a decent amount of good fishing around and would like to try and get the boy out fishing as well. I need to buy some gear, and it looks like there is more rods and reels than there are bow and...
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    Opening morning

    Probably one of my better birds to date. I was the only one at my spot until I finished getting dressed at my truck. Then two guys showed up. We talked about where each was going and I ended up going where I wanted to anyways, plenty of room. Another truck showed up as I was walking across...
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    New custom call

    After seeing the call Brian got from Koble calls, it set the wheels in motion. Pot calls are not cheap and I broke my last cheap Primos pot call that had a plastic base. The pot calls from the major companies are as much, if not more than these custom calls. I called Mike and we talked a bit...
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    What is going on with this stand

    This is the front page of SUmmit's website. Looks like a hand climber top on the back of the tree and a climber bottom, but has an attached fold up seat? I can't reason it out, or see a product like that on their site. A
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    Two little bucks sparring

    They start young!
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    Browning Recon Force FHD

    $109 Everyone has been raving about these, so I had to pick one up.
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    2 bucks dead from fighting

    Crazy. You hear about this stuff in the midwest or something. Not around here
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    Lost my girl today.

    While she was not a hunting dog by any means, she was the best. Would run right by the wife to jump on me whenever we would get home. She has been fighting a brain tumor for a few months and had a seizure in my arms this morning. Always sucks big time. RIP my girl
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    neat deer movement

    Just found this link. Its pretty neat from Penn State. This is what I do when it is the rut and I am stuck at work instead of in the woods.
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    I chose the wrong spot!

    I checked my cam at this spot I haven't been to all week. It was between hunting Nov 2 morning or evening. I would have been here in the morning, but hunted somewhere else that night instead. Just put some wild bill's Licking gel and doe in heat out the afternoon before. Had 4 different...
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    Opening morning buck

    Well, he is not even close to as big as the opening day buck I shot a few years ago, but he will do. After missing a bruiser last year and not getting a very good shot on the two previous deer(one was gut shot, the other my bottom cam hit the side of my summit climber and deflected), I was...

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