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    Shooter Buck's 2020 week 1 report

    Nice week! Thanks for sharing!
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    Browselines 2020 Maine hunt and deer

    Congrats Browseline!!
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    Parker650 2020 Buck

    Well done! Thanks for the report!
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    Montana 2020

    Good stuff Shawn! Thanks for sharing!
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    Thank You

    That sucks - should they lose their guiding privileges? Seems like a 'yes' to me, can't imagine the MPGA would want that to be how things go. Perhaps a note to them is in order. We, as a community, can't afford to lose hunting access due to misbehavior like this.
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    That's a wrap for me.

    Nice Shawn- congrats!
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    NH Hunter 2020 Moose Hunt

    Not to derail, but I was involved in the recovery of a tracking collar in VT that was on a 4.5 year old bull (collared as a calf). Obviously he died, so there was perhaps an illness, but his rack looked like one that should have been on a 2.5 y/o. I think there is some suspicion that dealing...
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    NH Hunter 2020 Moose Hunt

    Awesome hunt Shawn! Thanks for taking us along. Beautiful bull, well earned! The 'stache was impressive - I would have voted for you to keep it through deer season
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    Good Luck to All The Youth Hunters

    Good luck - looking forward to the stories!
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    NH Hunter 2020 Moose Hunt

    Good luck Shawn!!
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    Smaller birds identification on logging roads?

    I think you might be seeing a northern flicker.
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    1st week experiences

    Well done!
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    2020 Archery opener

    Way to go!!
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    What rifle will you be using this year?

    Very cool selections. We can chat about the 760 in .308 if you want, will take some of the pressure off your mind.... :)
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    Meat lottery winners announced

    A few in our crew. I suspect we'll stick to the December traditions, but I'm happy folks that like potentially nicer weather will have that opportunity.

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