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    OnX Map Updates. Wow!

    Your phone will go all day and them some on airplane mode making tracks. Burns a lot less battery than you think. My gps probably will not even make it out of the house this year. Just do not need it. Just renewed my Onx for all the states, as i like to scout on-line all year. Can't beat it.
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    Maine Camp Rental Fees For Hunting Season and Snowmobiling

    I'd say $600-700 for a week. Nice camp!
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    Chinese Virus

    My buddy has been trying to buy a place around Killington (condo, townhouse, etc) for the last two months. When one comes on the market he likes, he would head up from Plymouth MA, but these things are not even staying on for a day. So the other day, he saw one, offered asking price without a...
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    2020 Hunting Plans

    My buddy is really pushing for me to get an archery bull tag for Colorado, but we'll see. Luckily if I go, I can buy the tag when I get there. 3rd week of November in Maine like usual, and then last week of NH rifle.
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    2020 Moose Lottery Drawing Event

    Nothing for me either. Might head out west now.
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    Support for Josh's Boy Jase

    Josh, That's great news about Jase! He's a strong kid, just like his dad! My best luck with cleaning products has been Lowes and Home Depot, but they get sold out fast. I'm heading north tomorrow, and will stop at a few on my way up to check their stocks.
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    Chinese Virus

    Same camp as you in the beginning, but this is getting way out of hand. Can't do a drive by birthday party in NJ, WFT? People have literally lost their minds, and never mind their livelihood and savings. My daughter is six and out riding her bike in the neighborhood with the other kids, and at...
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    Looking for a Lab puppy

    I got my chessie from Kirby Mnt 12 years ago and could not be happier. John and Wendy have a good reputation.
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    7600 Jamming Issues

    I had the opposite issue and my bolt would occasionally ride over the next round in the mag and not load it. This cost me a nice buck. Adjusting the metal tabs with pliers fixed it.
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    I was going to post a funny pic, but nope file too large again and glade we migrated to a new site with a server that doesn’t allow decent pictures.
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    Chinese Virus

    I’m in Falmouth MA, and we have 126 cases. The town went ahead and shut down all events through August 31, and most of the cape is doing similar actions. If they shut down the town boat launches, I will lose my shit.
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    Chinese Virus

    Regardless of who is promoting the video, data is data. Time to get things moving again.
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    Chinese Virus

    Shawn, I was all behind the social distancing and stay at home stuff when this all started to go down, and still believe it was the right thing to do. We didn't know what was coming and didn't want to overwhelm the healthcare facilities. It worked, we "flattened the curve", ramped up out...
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    Chinese Virus

    Do it! With no tv or internet at camp we almost felt normal again. Such a good mental health break. My daughter has been pretty down due to school being closed. and not being able to see her friends, but she forgot all about that once we hit the “bumpy camp road” as she calls it. Watching...

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