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    802-603hunter 2020 Vermont Buck

    Nice job, Travis! And I hope Maine and NH are successful trips this year!
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    Browselines 2020 Maine hunt and deer

    Nice buck, Browse! And great report on the conditions, etc.
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    Out of State hunts...

    If I’m questioned I just say that I’m going to a protest, or a dancing in the streets Biden celebration. Those are proven by the media to be non virus spreaders.
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    Montana 2020

    Next year we'll go for a draw tag in CO for elk as a group. If we don't get it, then we'll hunt one of the OTC rifle seasons, and I'm pretty sure we are driving out next year. Wyoming in 2022 for general elk season hopefully.
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    Montana 2020

    Nice report Shawn, and glad that you guys are able to get out west this year. For Montana, do you buy the preference points, or bonus points? I've got preference points building in CO, WY and MT, and we will hunt elk in CO next fall.
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    We're a dying breed.......

    Nostalgia, and the never ending battle of trying to refrain from purchasing the new hyped in hunting clothes. I find my self digressing occasionally, and end up buying a pair of Sitka Timberline pants this summer, but only because they were half off. Haha, yeah, that's what I tell myself...
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    Running two sets of tires

    This is what I was thinking. But then again, do I want a set of tires floating around my garage just getting in the way.. I have a set of decent Michelin tires now with 50% wear, but also want a nice set of AT's.
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    Running two sets of tires

    How many of you guys run two sets of tires during the year? Do you use a winter/summer, or run a "summer" tire and then an AT for hunting? I usually run an AT all year, but wondering if two sets are better. If I did run two sets, probably best to get another set of rims as well.
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    Badlands 2200 hunting pack for sale $135 TYD

    I'm selling a Badlands 2200 pack in earth color, which I bought last season for elk hunting. The pack is practically new, absolutely nothing wrong with it, and Badlands warranties them for life. It's a great pack, and I packed out part of an elk with it last season. It has the drop out meat...
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    OnX Map Updates. Wow!

    Your phone will go all day and them some on airplane mode making tracks. Burns a lot less battery than you think. My gps probably will not even make it out of the house this year. Just do not need it. Just renewed my Onx for all the states, as i like to scout on-line all year. Can't beat it.
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    Maine Camp Rental Fees For Hunting Season and Snowmobiling

    I'd say $600-700 for a week. Nice camp!
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    Chinese Virus

    My buddy has been trying to buy a place around Killington (condo, townhouse, etc) for the last two months. When one comes on the market he likes, he would head up from Plymouth MA, but these things are not even staying on for a day. So the other day, he saw one, offered asking price without a...
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    2020 Hunting Plans

    My buddy is really pushing for me to get an archery bull tag for Colorado, but we'll see. Luckily if I go, I can buy the tag when I get there. 3rd week of November in Maine like usual, and then last week of NH rifle.
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    2020 Moose Lottery Drawing Event

    Nothing for me either. Might head out west now.

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