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    Not sure if this is the article you saw but it’s along the same lines:
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    FFG Article

    Great article in the February Fur-Fish-Game magazine by mbvt. Beagles and hare hunting in VT. Nice job, check it out!
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    In the market for base layers (long johns) Recommendations please

    Very similar to the Polartec base layer I use...
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    In the market for base layers (long johns) Recommendations please

    I just looked and the brand is Polartec, great stuff.
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    In the market for base layers (long johns) Recommendations please

    I find wool long underwear too hot unless I’m sitting absolutely still, so for what you’re doing I’d expect the same. I work outside from February thru April for a maple producer. I wear a thin pair of military surplus polypropylene long Johns under a pair of Labonville logging pants on the...
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    Northern Maine's Deer Herd

    I get what you all are saying about the wintering habitat, or the lack of it and how badly it affects the ability of deer to survive the harsh winters and heavy predation. That said, the effects of little to no timber harvesting can have just as much impact on regional deer herds. I live pretty...
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    Ammo Shortage

    Ok, my bad, that was supposed to say “hare load”. I won’t say what my “hate load” is lol!
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    Ammo Shortage

    If anyone is around VT’s NEK The Gun Shop in East Haven had a pretty fair sampling of ammo of their shelves this past Tuesday. I saw all the rim fire calibers, some 7.62x39 Wolf, most of the usual rifle deer hunting calibers like .308 .270 .30-30, etc. notably missing was .30-06 except for low...
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    New in box .308

    Picked it up today at the Gun Shop in East Haven, VT. With tax and FFL transfer fee I’ve got $740 into it. While we waited for my background check I fondled a Remington 750 .308 carbine. Wow did that feel and shoulder nice! $750 asking price and I briefly contemplated getting that one too!
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    6 of us hunted Allagash this year during the first week. Me and two other guys got bit by them. Like you, I saw them on me one day after I’d just still hunted along the edge of a cut. Sat down to eat lunch and picked 5-6 off my hands and wrists. Bites showed up right away and I think they stayed...
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    What rifle will you be using this year?

    I’m with ya KC, my eyes aren’t getting any better but I still like a peep too. Got one on my model 94 .30-30 with a red firesight front and love how it stands out. That gun also has a side mounted Leupold 1-4 on it, sighted dead on at 100 yards, the peep is zeroed at 50. My other 94 in .32...
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    Congrats on the 788. I have one in .308 also. It has shot everything from 150’s to 180’s very well. Currently have it dialed in with the 150gr hornady american Whitetail’s. Most accurate gun I own and the one I’ve owned the longest. It was my first deer rifle, bought it in 1976 when I was 15 for...
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    New in box .308

    Tempting but I think it’ll go to my son. He did 4 yrs in the USMC and stayed in NC after he got out. He’s killed a pile of nice bucks down there, most with a beat up model 700. Time he had himself a rifle he can make his own.
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    New in box .308

    He had a .308 synthetic but it’s spoken for.
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    New in box .308

    My primary hunting partner’s son works for a large firearms distributor here in VT. A couple weeks ago he told me they bought a bunch of new inventory when Remington folded. I’ve got a 7600 .30-06 carbine but my first centerfire rifle was a .308 and I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since. When...

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