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    How do these guys do it?

    In Jackman, finding deer last week was not an issue, was on decent bucks every day and they were chasing and seeking does big time. Getting close with the crunchy snow was another story.
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    .280 Barks Again

    That’s a really nice buck.
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    How do these guys do it?

    Yeah, I was joking and yes I’m jealous. I know a few guys in Jackman that are not famous, they just hunt hard and know the deer movements year round and shoot a smasher every year. I see where they hunt it’s no secret, they just always connect with them. I think the key to these guys even...
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    How do these guys do it?

    Or their family owns an apple orchard. 😂
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    How do these guys do it?

    I bet their scale is broken! 😂 Could be incredible hunters or baiters. 😂 Hard saying, but that is some incredible success.
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    Hunting Camps............a dying tradition??

    Just got back from my friends camp that was built 21 years ago in Kingman Maine. We have been going every year since and haven’t missed a year. We used to be a group of 8, now down to 4 regulars. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.
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    Shooter Buck's 2020 week 1 report

    You guys won’t forget that week. Sounds like lots of excitement.
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    Parker650 2020 Buck

    Wow. Hell of a buck.
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    Browselines 2020 Maine hunt and deer

    Nice one. Thanks for sharing the story.
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    My Moose Hunt

    Good work. That’s a great size cow.
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    Good luck

    I should have stayed up there today so I could catch fresh snow tomorrow, but work calls. Looks to be a great day to hunt.
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    Good luck

    Went north. Hit a spot that is about 1-2 miles from the spot I killed my last buck. Buddy and I split up and covered some ground. Hardly saw a track, no scat, no scrapes no rubs. Didn’t even hear a deer. I had small snow up high in select spots, not even a track. Did see a few moose here and...
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    zone 1

    You bet. The deer really seem to have done well from the winter and popping up all over. I’m going to pull some cameras that have been up for a month close to camp. I think Saturday my buddy and I are going to use the day moving quick just checking out a bunch of mountain tops to see what’s...
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    Good Luck to All The Youth Hunters

    That’s exciting, she must have been fired up.
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    zone 1

    Hope you had a good time. Guys were saying the birds are slowing down. 3 weeks of everyone shooting their limit will do that. My hunting partner hit our spots south of the golden road yesterday and road birds were hard to come by. He said his pointer put him on 9 in the woods, but he only got...

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