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    I'm with MOWBIZ- Hunted southern New Hampshire for 25 years and never witnessed a buck grunting. For that matter no doe bleats either.
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    Hunting whitetail with 357 handgun?

    I believe in hitting them as hard as you can. I've seen deer soak up slugs and ride the adrenaline rush out of sight. One coyote soaked up three 44 mag soft points before calling in quits. Handguns in general are much less powerful than rifles of smaller caliber. I'm sure at close range it has...
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    Quick Survey: TC Strike or Encore Fixed 50 Cal Muzzleloader

    Another vote for the Rochester built Encore. A little heavy but dead nuts accurate.
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    Sports Cars?

    That's a lot of toys!
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    Looking into making my first purchase for a rifle and scope.

    I have the Henry All Weather 45/70. Set up with a skinner peep. Required a HUGE front sight. Mild recoil with the cowboy action loads but a big time thumper with Double Tap 405gr at 1800fps!
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    Sports Cars?

    My dad has a Fathom Blue, numbers matching Yenko Deuce Nova. I'll see if I can did up a picture.
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    Your Heaviest Maine Buck.

    Chucks buck
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    Your Heaviest Maine Buck.

    My buddy Chuck... right around 2012...9pt 225lbs dressed, Chester new Hampshire. 8am walking across a cut (stubble) cornfield first week of shotgun. getting error.."the uploaded file is too large"
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    Nh deer season

    No sure why this posted
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    Planning now for 2019 out of state hunt

    Anyone hunt North Carolina? Just booked myself and four others for a trip in mid October with Outback Trophy Outfitters. Looks like nice bucks and lots of deer. Any experience with them? A few years ago went with Outback outfitters. Shot a few small ones. All of these guys seem to book up fast.
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    Deer browse and acorns

    My yard in Seabrook is absolutely loaded with acorns. Put some cameras out in my usual haunt in Epping. A large oak flat that we smothered in nuts last year is completely void of acorns this year. What are you seeing? What do you find deer feeding on most in low mast years?
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    I am a true believer that the best scent in the woods is likely no scent but every year I seem to test at least on "gimmick". This year I bought "Deer Dander". The reviews are exceptional. Also bought some Tinks all season "Smokin Sticks" Burned one in the yard yesterday. Strange...
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    Browning Strike Force $119 reduced to $70

    Just picked up three Browning Strike force cameras from Midway-USA. On sale for $70ea
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    Cam check 1-20-17

    My sights are set on this guy
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    Best value out of state guided hunts

    Looking to travel next year out of state for a 5 day guided hunt. I've been reviewing Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio. Would like to spend under $2,000 for the hunt and lodging and be able to harvest two or more deer. this would be a shotgun/rifle hunt. Does anyone have experience to share? New...