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  • http://biareview.com/ trung tam dao tao ke toan http://anztheme.com/ thanh lap doanh nghiep tu van phap luat dich vu ke toan i, kho ma nhat tam phuc tung ta, ngoai than phan la chu nhan cua That Thi Dang Hang va than phan thuc cua nghia phu co anh huong den viec danh Ha Chau khong nen cong bo, nhung viec khac ta nen cho ho biet.”

    “Duoc , duoc” Ly Quang Sam phan khich noi : “Thu phuc thien ha, can phai co tam long quang minh loi lac, lam viec gi chi biet am muu thu doan, se chang co ai nguyen chet vi minh.”

    Duong Hao noi : “Hao nhi cung da nghi toi nhung dieu do, nen moi noi het long minh voi cac quan lai”.

    Ngung mot luc, han noi tiep: “Cha hay uong thuoc deu dan, nghe loi thay thuoc, an tam duong benh, c
    Hi Jay,

    I didn't realize I had a message until today. So I apolagize for not getting back to you. You're not very far from some good hunting right in Hollis. I just checked the Harvest report and they took 116 deer out of Hollis with a 3.67 kill/sq mile. I used to hunt Hollis by Rocky Pond but your best bet would be to try and get access to some area that borders some of the farms. Maybe even call some farmers. As far as hunting with others, I'm a loner by choice. I have a group of guys that are my hunting buddies but we each go our own way and hunt different towns except when we hunt in Maine at my buddy's camp. We do call each other if someone needs help dragging one out or tracking. I can give you a couple tips that have helped me. Get a quality scouting camera(s) to help you find what the deer are doing. I have several cameras and will rotate checking one camera a week. So essentially I'm scouting year round. If you need to get away from hunters, take up bow hunting. I always hang my treestand facing northwest since the wind primarily (not always though) will come from a westerly direction and will be blowing behind you. If you find a nice deer trail, follow it into the thick stuff - that is where they will be during daylight hours and set your stand in this location. It doesn't matter if you can see real far. One last thing is go to your stand in the dark in the morning or stay until last light. I've seen most of my deer at first or last light.

    Good Luck!
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