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  • Hi Hoytman, Congrats on the 10 pt, he's a monster! Great pic's. Your bow caught my eye, I just bought a Spot Hogg Hunter, I mounted mine in the center bolts, but want to move it out farther for better accuracy and to adjust it to my 1/4 " peep. (just don't want to mess in middle of season) Peep adj. is ok, but the sight could move out. How do you like the sight, what range are your pins at? Mine 20,30,40,50,60. but overthinking a 25,40 + setting. I got reflective tape, unscrewed the clear plastic cover for the wrap, and slipped a piece without taking off the sticky backing underneath the wraps. Has helped retain light when dim. If you want to try I have tons, could slip it in an envelope. Gd hunting BH65
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