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  • was couple miles from your house yesterday but figured you would been on the water. got another dog in am yesterday.
    shot a 11 pointer this evening... expanded zone!!! pics tomorrow!! or text me and i'll message u them by phone 207-450-9608
    i got a call yesterday that the black coyote i shot is ready and will be at wilton show [i sold it to the taxi shop] dykes cat from couple years ago is done and should be at show at wilton sportsman club booth and jd,s 37 lb cat should be at same booth as black coyote.
    got a 19 lb cat thurs, headed home. great to meet you and all your bunch. i am sure our paths will cross again.
    I found a spot while deer hunting that has a bunch of beaver in it. I counted four different houses. Dams all over the place- I'd like to trap some- is it expensive to get into and is it difficult??
    Average boat price around $4.50 now. Probably higher by weekend. I'm buying run over the road $5.25. Almost $1.00 jump since monday. Thought you might like to know.
    thanks for the compliment!! the buck my wife let walk in thorndike was as big has the one she got last year. she was so upset about it she didn't even tell me she saw him until the next day! poor girl! good luck to you too! i hope it picks up some.
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