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    Late season snowshoe hare

    I love rabbit hunting. I had a beagle pup growing up and Big D and I did our best to wipe out the snowshoe population in southern Maine. We never got too many but boy was it a blast being in the woods all winter.
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    Maine Lead Ammo Ban

    Interesting to consider - Is walking through the woods with a gun loaded with lead bullets subject to a fine? With my success rate so low the past couple years I am questioning whether or not I am actually hunting, or just taking th erifle for a walk!
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    new bow

    Congrats - I got my first bow recently as well. I got a Mathews. I am 6'2" and I have a 29.5" draw. What weight are you planning on shooting. I started at 50# and am just about ready to move it up to 60#. Ideally My goal is 70# this summer and into the fall but I am sure 50/60 will be just fine...
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    Got my 2019 Nh 175# 9 pointer back!

    Beautiful looking mount. Congratulations!
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    Vt's New Record Typical Whitetail

    That is a hell of a buck and the pics in the back of the truck really put it in perspective. I can not see the length of the deer but the neck was swole too. I am just another jealous hunter. I don't care/judge how he got it but would be curious to the method as others are. Freakin' Slammer...
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    .22lr bird shot

    They say these are great for clearing out chipmunks if they are over running your property. Nice because they don't have any distance to them but more accurate than a bb or pellet gun. Funny story one place "a friend" lived was totally overrun. He could not cut the population down so started...
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    Hit the jackpot!

    Wow - that is a great haul. Where exactly is that again?😀 Do you have any plans for them? Do u sell them or make things?
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    Unforgettable Hunt

    Awesome recap of your hunt, I really enjoyed it. Congrats on a nice buck and a great adventure!
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    Last year recap and changes

    Great post - and maybe I'll get off my ass and post as well. Amazing how much fun it is just watching the deer even if you are not shooting it. I am sure that buck and the other deer are highlights in your memory bank. Some sweet rubs there too. Sorry about your last pup and good luck with the...
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    308 Ammo

    Great stuff here - I don't think I ever posted about this so here goes. I bought a Tikka T-3X in 270 in 2019 to go on a sheep hunt in 20. I have never owned or used a scope before. I took it out to Hudson farms to shoot. With some help with sighting in and all that encompasses I was hitting...
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    2020 New York Pounds & Points Contest

    Wait what? Have we ever had a two state winner before? LB getting it done - Congrats!
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    2020 New Jersey Pounds & Points Contest

    1st year I can remember that NJ P&P was larger than our Maine P&P. I did take a doe in ML season - but congrats LB! You had a hell of a season!
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    Big Maine Buck Trail Cam Pic

    While the body on that one is big - it still doesn't make the rack look small. The tines are so damn tall. Bummer, but not surprised, to hear about the logging.
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    Happy New Year!

    Agree with all of these posts may you all have a fantastic 2021! We are a couple days in - let's get at it!
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    Last year to this year antler growth. (pics)

    This is crazy - I live here in NJ, but am new and learning the voluminous regs, and am just realizing that each season is depicted by archery early season, archery fall, archery winter, shotgun, special firearm, muzzleloader. they are all different "seasons". So in my zone I can shoot one doe...

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