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    NH Youth Weekend Success!

    Made it happen with my oldest son who is 10 on opening day of NH youth. Had a Tom (I think) on roost at 30 yards in front for 1/2 hour after first light gobbling its head off but this Jake came in silent. He wanted the Tom but I convinced him a bird in hand is worth two in the bush - Jake down...
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    NH Rut still on 12/6/18

    I bumped these two in the dark going into this stand yesterday morning (have an archery buck only tag). I could here them go about 100 yards away on the crunchy leaves and then stop and then silence. They must have eased out. The day prior I saw 3 Does and a Fork from this same stand but they...
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    2018 NH Meat Pole

    11/25/18 6-Pointer 129 lbs.
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    NH 2018 Deer Kill Through November 26th
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    Nice 6-Pointer

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    Nice 6-Pointer

    Shot a nice 6 yesterday. Hunted with a buddy of mine on a field where he has been seeing deer. The plan was a quick afternoon hunt from a ground blind where he would get first shot on anything in Bow range (only had a bow tag left) and I would be mop-up boy or shoot anything out of bow range...
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    NH 2018 Deer Kill Through November 2nd
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    Fighting Bucks

    Things are getting chippy. I haven't hunted this spot since early October. Bucks just recently started showing up. Spike, Fork, 6-point and 8-point. This is the Spike fighting the Fork or 6-pointer:
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    NH - November Call-up

    I'm pretty sure this is the big 8 I had running around last year but now he's a year older and bigger. I'm not sure where he's been but good to see him showing up for November 1st. There are two other smaller 8 pointers that are sticking around since going hard horn. A ten pointer I had in...
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    NH Deer Kill Through October 18th
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    Active Logging Operation - Deer Movement

    So, I knew this was coming at some point based on the marked trees but I have an active logging operation going on at/near one of my spots. It sounds like they are about 1/3 of a mile away right now but will eventually head towards by stand. And you know how sound travels through the woods, it's...
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    Shotgun Turkey

    Tried circling in on a group of 8 or so birds. They soon knew something was up and started moving out. They didn’t run though but started walking parallel to me in the cover on alert. Two got through a small opening at 40 yards so I figured I’d take the next bird that came through. Ended up with...
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    Looking like zero red or white oak acorns in my spots. Kind of strange.
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    NH 2018 Opener

    Pretty good shoot this morning. Pretty wet too. We got 9 Woodies and a bonus Mallard. Some Geese came through but didn't want to play.
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    2018 NH Meat Pole

    9/23/18 Archery Doe 71 lbs.

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