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    What would you do different?

    Wish I would've hunted the next "finger" over from where I was setup. The buck came 60 yards away, couldn't get a clean shot from where I was, but only if I was on the next finger. It was a little higher in elevation , would have offered a better shot. It's a crap shoot, lol. Other then that...
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    2019 Observations

    That's what one of the guys said who where staying next to my cabin. Funny. But more than likely true
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    2019 Observations

    Took 2 days and a fresh light snow to find a nice track, but what he to me to was the holy grail (for northwoods) of his core area. Over 13 scrapes, rubs, multiple sets of diff deer tracks, as much sign as I would see down here in nj! I've been hunting in Maine on and off since 1986, and...
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    Maine Bound

    Nice read, thanks for sharing
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    We're a dying breed.......

    Technology waits for nobody ( I'm old school, but it helps). I've been in the technology industry for close to 30 years, last years latest and greatest is now a dinosaurs, Agree with the 5G technology will change how alot of things are done, including jobs, once 5G is up and running...
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    Maine Bound

    Any updates
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    2019 Thread for the Bucks we didn’t kill

    Almost got him, busted my butt, found his loop, tons of sign, had him 60 yrds just no clear shot, here are some pictures after finding him 6 mile loop. Enjoy Tried to upload pictures, not working??
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    Maine Bound

    Best of luck, make some great memories.
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    Looking to book cabin

    Thanks guys. I'll be at gray ghost for 3rd week. Have some spots from years ago I'll try to hit up, hopefully they produce. Safe season to all
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    2019 Maine Buck

    Great buck
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    When is Everyone Hunting

    Heading up late Saturday Nov 16th. Staying the week rockwood/moose river area. It's been too long since I've been up, can't wait
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    Good luck 2019

    Wishing all the best of luck for the 2019 rifle season, hunt safe, make some great memories.
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    Looking to book cabin

    Hi guys, looking to book cabin either near moose river, moorehead lake area or up by patten. Anyone have any contacts? Only 2 of us on this trip
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    Getting back to Maine deer hunting

    Hi guys, great Web site. Been going to maine on/off deer hunting since 1986, with some success. Haven't been up since the mid 2004 ish time frame, time flew by. Family and work obligations come first. This year my nephew got a IT specialist job at Acadia state park, he wants to go hunt the big...
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    Winter snowfall

    How the winter snowfall this year so far? Deer are surviving ok?