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    Chinese Virus

    Sean Hannity
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    Chinese Virus

    Regarding the video ,it's being promoted by the same people who said the virus was a hoax. 60,000 dead Americans later and still counting.
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    Chinese Virus

    We have the same issue here. A lot of New Yorkers and people from s.w. Ct. own houses along the shore. They were urged to quarantine for 14 days. It seems to have worked there hasn't been a spike in cases. Hospital admissions have declined for 7 days so the guv says the lock down can start...
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    Chinese Virus

    I don't know about all the predictions , if we didn't lock down maybe they would have been close . My sister inlaws mother died from c 19 last thursday. A freind and his wife have been in the icu on ventilators for 2 weeks. He's doing better but his wife is still critical.
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    Chinese Virus

    should be 24,000-55,000 , totals aren't in yet
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    Chinese Virus

    Quickly approaching 50,000 deaths in the U.S. due to C 19 , the majority in the last month. Total deaths attributed to the 6 month flu season is in the 24,000 - 25,000 range
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    Opening Day Turkey Down

    Congratulations !
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    How can I edit a post after posting ?
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    Turkey, Who's Hunting When?

    Ct. season opens 4/29. Youth opened today , saw posts of a few kids with their first toms. New regs. allow 5 birds and permits are good for private and state land. Changed hunting quitting time from noon to sunset.
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    How is everyone doing?

    I'm getting used to my isolation routine. Go for a morning walk with the dogs. Work on the honey do list. Got most of the spring prep on the boat done.The boat is getting repowered the first week of May . When it's raining I tie flys.
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    Out of the ordinary

    No , they were'nt roe deer like I said , they were fallow deer. I've seen red deer in Scotland , the stags have antlers like elk.
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    Out of the ordinary

    I saw a few muntjacs they're pretty small. Also saw roe deer on the Chatsworth estate , looked to be about the size of carabou . I was told the roe deer are hunted.
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    What's it like out there when you go for a walk?

    Weather permiting I walk my dogs in a state park every day. Before the lock down weekdays weren't very busy. Now I've started going earlier in the a.m. It's gotten to the point where it's hard to find a parking space after 10 a.m. The only people I encounterdd today was a father with 2 kids.
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    Not a full Russell Report 2019

    Great to hear the good news about Jase . Congratulations on the hunt.
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    Bear baiting attractant

    I've never made any but vanilla extract works.

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