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    Muck Boots Cheap

    I will never buy Muck again. A number of years ago I bought a pair of Muck Wetlands. They didn’t even last 2 months before having a big hole break open in the rubber where the foot flexes. I called Muck/Honeywell customer service and they told me too F’ing bad. I also had the exact same issue...
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    What do you drink after hunting?

    Oh the Genny Screamers are a blast alright! I never hunt from a treestand during the NY gun season and I usually say that it’s because I like to be mobile, but in reality I think it’s because of the screamers. You don’t know panic until that first gurgle hits your guts and the 60 second...
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    What do you drink after hunting?

    In general, I like a good IPA. I am NOT an IPA snob and got turned off by the douchery of the hipster beer clowns that turned drinking beer into the equivalent of winery tours. $20 4 packs of beer don’t interest me, I usually stick to something reasonably priced like Sierra Nevada. However, deer...
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    What do you drink after hunting?

    WetWool, my buddy has a camp about 1.5 miles from Lake St. George Brewery, is that where you are? Great beer there, we’ve taken the 4 wheeler trail down to it.
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    Yep, been here since 2011!
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    Mount question

    No, he killed a stud!
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    2019 Massachusetts Meat Pole

    5/1/19 Bird #2 23.2 pounds, 11 5/8” beard, 1” spurs.
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    2019 Massachusetts Meat Pole

    4/29/19 Opening Day Turkey 19.4 pounds, 1” spurs, 9” beard
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    4/29/19 Opening Day MA Turkey Season Today was the first day of the 2019 MA Turkey season. I dropped Levi off at daycare and hit the woods at 7:45. I immediately spotted a Tom, hen, and Jake in the field. The Jake was pacing my edge so I belly crawled my way forward. The Tom was probably 60-70...
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    Pachmayr Decelerator Slip On Recoil Pad

    I just want to give a quick review of the Pachmayr Decelerator Slip On Pad that picked up to use this year. I bought it because each year I go to the range to pattern and my shoulder gets pounded after 10-15 magnum turkey loads. I got the Pachmayr size medium for my Benelli Nova and it was less...
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    Opening Day 2018 Muzzleloader Doe
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    Hornady Super Performance Ammo

    Here is a little damage from 139 grain SSTs... Exit hole... What was left of a shoulder...
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    Hornady Super Performance Ammo

    I’ve been using the Hornady Custom ammo in my .280 for a number of years now. It has 139 grain SST and they were the cheapest thing Bass Pro carried, but unfortunately they don’t carry them anymore. I call them “deer can openers” because they do some devastation on a deer. Never NOT had a...
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    Sunny Afternoon Buck

    Tim, congratulations again on a great buck, it was a fun morning and I am glad I could be there to take pictures and help drag! Here are a couple other pictures that show how awesome of a buck he really is, he is going to make a beautiful mount. Sorry for the sideways pics, Huntingchat sucks for...