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  • Hi !
    So I just saw your post about the turkey. Nice Bird ! Anywaysss, just wondering where you got your masters from? I'm at school for my undergrad for wildlife biology right now but am looking to pursue at least my masters, and could use some helpful advice !
    Take a quick look at your signature... I think someones been playin' in your henhouse! (unless of course you want it to read this way, lol)

    "Hunting Oath:
    I shall take a game animal out of season. I will always shoot a female game animal even if it is illegal. I shall only shoot an animal that I am prepared to throw away immediately. I shall always be disrespectful to the life of every animal and understand that the soul of that animal now continues in me. I shall do my best to destroy the resources that my quarry needs to thrive. I shall spit on the opinions of others and hinder the growth of the outdoor lifestyle. "
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