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    Nuke this troll

    I like the ones emanating from those countries who use really poor diction who then call me "Mr." and proceed to tell me that I have just been awarded a LOT of money, and to give them a call...:cool:
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    Chinese Virus

    I think this issue is being whipped up in to a frenzy needlessly. I'm not reading about any healthy people who are dying because of it. I think they do get sick to one degree or the other, but that it's not fatal. The one's who are the most susceptible are the elderly, or those who generally...
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    Winter coyote hunting

    You don't have to be specific, but if I could ask, where are you hunting generally? Do you have fields to sit in or are you in the woods?
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    Winter coyote hunting

    Like to know how you make out.
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    Winter coyote hunting

    I live outside the Sanford area, and there are few large fields around. I'm new at it, having started last year. I bought some snow camo and a coyote caller. I'm using my Diamondback 5.56 as my "go to" rifle. I got in to it as I've had dogs popping out in to my field in the Summer, and when...
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    Trump was right

    You know what scares me? Not this next election cycle. It's the following after that, that has me really concerned.
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    Moose hunt cost analysis

    These are all great replies. Redundantly, I have to wonder why such an article hasn't been published in a hunting magazine. Perhaps they're afraid people will back away?
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    A guy walks on to a transit bus and sits down next to, what appears to be a homeless woman with her cart. She has no teeth, but....she's a happy individual. After a few moments, she offers the guy sitting down next to her some peanuts. He thought it was very kind of her, and taking a handful...
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    Knives - Recommendations please!

    catching up on all sorts of old posts but, for hunting, I like the Muela hunting knives. I love mine
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    Moose hunt cost analysis are definitely worthy of a re-post GREAT stuff. See what I mean? Someone please tell me why New England hunting publications seem reticent about posting this type of information. Not so much definitive as much "ball park." There is SO much to plan and consider! It isn't...
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    Moose hunt cost analysis

    This is the type of intel I'm talking about. I hope to see a lot more in-depth posts. Thanks.
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    Your Heaviest Maine Buck.

    As I recall, I shot this one around Thanksgiving Day 1976. Tagged him at 177. My 200+ buck is still runnin' I'm afraid
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    Moose hunt cost analysis

    I've always been one of those who thought he'd like to put in for my Maine moose tag. I've been a deer hunter all my life, and in the past couple of years, have tacked on turkey hunting. As anyone knows, whenever you're getting in to a new species, the costs associated with that can climb...
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    What do you drink after hunting?

    Pretty simple. Given the success of the last few years......I have been taking a very long pull on the bottle of humility.;) To be honest, I can't complain. I haven't put the time in scouting that I used to as a younger guy, so I'm fully aware of the fruit of complacency. Then again, I'm...
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    New to turkey hunting

    Yup, totally capable of roaming. This is in one of my fields, so I guess you could say, the proximity of this field makes it my lab while I get tuned up as someone who's self taught and new. Trying to talk my son into it, so we can enjoy it together. Failing that, I have other spots I can use...

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