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    Coyote bait

    Selling beaver at ten dollars each. I usually have some on hand.
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    Coyote bait

    Selling beaver at ten dollars each when available. I usually have some on hand.
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    Slug gun

    Browning A-Bolt 12 gauge slug gun. Probably the best factory slug gun, walnut stock, excellent + condition. $795. FIRM.
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    35 remington carbine for sale

    Selling my 35 remington carbine model, they had a limited run of these 8 years or so ago. wood stock and has a williams peep sight. never fired. 700 dollars firm.
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    remington 7600 35 caliber carbine

    bought a few years back when they had a small run of 35 calibars. wood stock, williams peep sights. never fired.......700 dollars firm. Also selling a savage model 340 bolt action carbine in 30.30. this is also a carbine with a wood stock. Nice condition. great for a younger hunter or...
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    fisher sightings

    Getting ready for trapping season and I am looking to expand my fisher trapline this november. Anybody within 20 miles of Salisbury seen any fisher while in the woods? Would appreciate a few tips.:redface:
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    Olsons trappers weekend

    August 22-25th Bethel, Maine. I'm going up Friday maybe Saturday, anybody else going ?
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    NAFA fur auction

    Sent my furs up to the big fur auction in Canada and hit the jackpot. :smile: Had six fisher that sold for an average of 166 dollars each and a dozen muskrats which averaged 11 dollars each. Sending my beaver pelts up for the spring auction. North American Fur Auctions (NAFA) is the way to go.
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    not for me

    After getting my turkey tag each year and never going after them, I thought I'd give it a serious try this season. I could never get excited about hunting them though. Maybe it was because it was kind of neat to see a turkey when they first spread into our area of the state. Now a guy that...
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    Green River Rifle Works

    Always looking for green river muzzleloaders in 54 caliber percussion.
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    removeable tree stands

    Any of you guys seen these advertising in hunting magazines? Your portable tree stand slides into a bracket which is attached to the tree. When you are done for the day you slide the stand out of the bracket and take it with you. Next time back you just climb back up and slide the stand back...
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    Trooper mistakes dog for deer hits women

    Anybody else see this on the news? A state trooper was deer hunting and mistook a GOLDEN RETREIVER for a deer and shot at the dog which he missed, but hit the women walking the dog. She got hit in the hip but will recover. Almost makes you want to hunt much higher in your tree stand with...
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    maine antler and skull trophy books

    Have 13 books, good hunting stories and pictures. Good reading for a hunting camp. Read them all a bunch of times all are in nice condition. Ten bucks each, so 130 plus shipping. Last one I got went for 33.99.
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    Free coyote bait

    I've got a freezer full of frozen beaver from problem beaver trapping. I had hoped to bait myself but its not going to work out this winter. The coyotes love them.....come get 'um.
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    camp leases

    Seems like the landowners-paper companies are really jacking up the leases for camps in maine over the last decade. A couple friends gave up their camps or had to buy the land the camp was on for a lot of money. Anybody on here been caught up in this? Used to be the leases were just a couple...

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