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    What brought you here?

    Errr , ummm , I am on it Bow.Please , please , don't hurt my dog ......he's a good ol'
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    What brought you here?

    I am here because , I received this message one day from this guy Longbow and he said " come join our forum or I'll gut you like a bear ! ". I was like "yikes , I better friggin join " and then he says " post summting or I'll mount your head over my fireplace !.So I have been posting over a year...
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    Very nice fish !. I am an old striper guy from back in my previous life on Cape Cod and the Islands.Back then we would slaughter them in the canal or on moonlight nights out on Race Point or the Vineyard.We live lined herring and fished two tides a day , and it was damn exciting.The largest I...
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    Boot Recommendations

    Amen Brother,the muck boot is the greatest invention since bacon !. I hike 7-10 miles a day in mine ,go through snow , water ,and mud.I think once I recall my big toe being cold on a sit in 15 degree temp.
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    Happy to be here

    Welcome aboard ,although your handle is a bit fowl ,we're still glad your here.👍
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    Storm Conditions

    I spent 16 hours out in the garbage working yesterday and it was every bit as bad as they forcasted.Looks like another 19" for Friday.
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    Are coyote populations increasing in New England?

    Coyotes numbers tend to ebb and flow with the availability of food , they are scavengers.More deer and small game , the bigger the packs.Once they exhaust the food supply ,they move on .An interesting fact from my home state of Massachusetts ,growing up in the 70's there were virtually no deer...
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    You have just won the lottery of 300 million. Where and what are you hunting next fall?

    I would hunt the rare an elusive bare breasted beach bunny from my chair in Martinique and if time allowed , I would like to do one of those traditional buffalo hunts on horseback with the Indians.I know you need to be invited by a tribe ,but I can think of 300 million reasons that they would...
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    Western Foothill of Maine (video)

    Shhhh.......I am trying to visualize my tree stand somewhere in that video 🤪
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    Western Foothill of Maine (video)

    Hey Long , this guy did'nt post his adress along with the video , did he ?.Just asking 😏.lol
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    Do you believe in Bigfoot ?

    I am kinda in the same camp with ya NH.The subject has fascinated me since I was a kid. I would put myself on the pro side of the argument without claiming that Bigfoot's existence is fact.After careful consideration , I have concluded that there is no reason such an couldn't exist and there for...
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    Do you believe in Bigfoot ?

    Ok,boys , I stole this thread idea from my football forum site.It's been very popular with lots of interesting discussion and seems to be tailor made for a group of woodsmen.Sooo...let's give it a go and tell us your thoughts on the big guy or even come clean if you've seen Squatchy mucking about !.
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    Borrowing Guns

    Are we going through a bit post season depression ?.You boys seem a bit punchy and November is a long haul away 😉 ,
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    New joiner

    Welcome Kahuna.Just a note on Houlton , tough terrain , low deer population.Patience is key here and every deer got is well earned.

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