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    How important is it to carry a pocket knife while on a hunt

    here read this blog and you will find some interesting uses, and why you should carry a pocket knife on your hunt
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    Stiletto: The Favored Knife!

    Hi, this is an interesting article on stiletto knives and its history, if any one of you are interested in stiletto's you will enjoy reading this
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    Best knife to Skin a deer

    i think this knife should be best to skin, in an other thread i did share another knife but i did not get a good review about it. but i think this should be good.
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    General hunting blades

    Hi, i am planning a trip with friends for some hunting, i will be taking a benchmade folder with me, but was wondering to carry a large blade and was looking at this, what do you guys say, it will be good to cut down branches coming...