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  • Hi Roy,
    I just sent a PM ti NYHunter. Good idea to drive up together, depending on where he lives in NY. Fourth week sounds good to me. Let me break this to my wife! Let me know how much to send and I'll see if she has anything planned.
    Good Luck Sonny!
    Going to scout the river bottoms by canoe this weekend. We'll stay in touch. Roy
    Hi Roy,
    Sorry I can't come up to camp with you but its a loooong way to drive! I'll definitely post some pics of the new boat when finished. Let me know when you'll open your camp for deer season. I can then work around those dates. Talk soon. - Sonny
    had someone shovel off my camp roof today, they sent pictures of it, maybe 2-21/2 feet of snow, I thought there would be more.
    I am leaving late fri. night on the 12th. No cell service at the camp. Call me before you head up to talk. A few members here are coming up. Roy
    Just checking in: We leave this Thursday for camp, 11/4 until 11/12, if I don't get a deer, I probably will stay longer, may stay longer even if I do get one. Depends on how I feel. LOL I have your phone numbers your going to camp when the 12 th?
    With the gloves I had on I pulled the nest that was stuffed in the stack. Most of them buggers were toasted.:eek: I opened the windows and turned on a couple of fans. Within minutes It got cleared out. :cool:
    In the morning my grandson asked about the smoke and the footsteps he heard on the roof in the middle of the night. I told him it must of been drunken Santa looking for one of his deer and got stuck in the chimney pipe. He couldn't stop laughing .:D
    Been meaning to call you since I got back late wed. night.
    Hey Roy, read your post about the bees in the chimney up at your camp. How'd that play out whereas you discovered them in the middle of the night? Mark
    That doe dressed 208 lb. at the check in station. It was the biggest in a group of 8 deer in a cornfield across from my camp at 2:30pm.

    Been riding as much as i can bud , been really busy around here lately . My wife runs a hotel in Kennebunkport she's been here for 24 years and i just took over as the maintence man a couple months ago . Getting things going good around here now so I'll have plenty off time this fall for the importent stuff ! Good to hear from you drop me a line any time !

    Ed .
    With Northern Maine the way it is going with logging, Central areas are still great because of farming. They put on weight and nice racks due to the food source. I can't complain.
    I hunt about 20 minutes east, north east of you. the tribe also owns land just north of you, in Williamsburg. I love that are
    i will try to get some pictures this year. I have been pretty busy baiting bear, but i have seen some nice ones coming up along the pleasant river.
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