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    Another Snowstorm

    Here in Southern New England we are to get a coating but it will be cold and windy. I wonder how that will affect the turkey hunting? I suspect they will really not gobble at all.
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    Crow call advice..

    Thank you for the responses. Someone suggested that the call may be dirty so I washed it in hot water and DAWN. Well I assembled it when it was still damp and it sounded like a sick duck. Now it does sound like a real crow. I just got concerned because it did not sound right but now it seems...
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    Crow call advice..

    Hello All: It has been a long time since I posted here but I had a ton of family and work issues. So here it goes: I have been doing some turkey hunting when I am able from my work at home schedule. So far no luck. I have seen some birds but they are unresponsive. I heard a crow call out and...
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    What's your favorite meat?

    I will state that my favorites are : 1. Moose 2. Pronghorn Antelope 3. Wild Boar 4.Goose breast 5. Duck breast
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    Some states got it right.....

    New Hampshire is Constitutional Carry like Vermont, Maine and a number of other states.
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    Out of the ordinary

    Hello All: It may sound odd but this is something I have been thinking about. A hunt in Poland. My ancestors came from southeaster Poland and I have always thought it would be neat to go on a special hunting trip in the region. I have looked into it a bit. Due to the very strict gun laws in...
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    Chinese Virus

    Well. So far where I work all of the students with the exception of a few of the homeless ones have been sent home for three weeks. I still have to go in but there may be a full shut down for three weeks or so. I've planned to go on a goose hunt this weekend in NY but I am wondering if that is a...
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    Adirondack Muzzleloader trip

    Sounds like a nice trip but too bad that at least one member did not get a deer. Last month my friends and I went to the Carthage Area of NY State to hunt geese. The guide commented that if you can't get a deer in this area you are doing something wrong. The 'Daks are a different story. He...
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    Seeing some deer.

    I was hunting on my cousin's place with the bow. I decided that a ground blind would be the way to go instead of a treestand. For ages I have hunted out of a treestand but today would have been too windy and sadly my vertigo has been acting up. Needless to say I do not want to be up a tree if...
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    I put in for some time off.

    After a spring with illness that burned up sick and vacation time I am able to have a hunting vacation this year. I put in for three days during the Thanksgiving week so I have from Friday the 16th to the opening day of Mass shotgun. So now I am trying to figure out what would be the best...
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    Moving out of state?

    Hello: I was wondering about this situation. It appears I will be moving back to Massachusetts sometime this late spring or through the summer. What happens to my Connecticut hunting license and tags? I am wondering if they will still be valid for 2018 or will I have to get new ones as a non...
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    May have blown it this PM

    Well. I think I blew it, sort of. I did an afternoon treestand hunt on the back side of my property. I went out and put three scent wicks that have been dipped in a bottle of ConQuest Ever Calm lure and climbed into my stand. Pulled up my day pack and Barnett Whitetail 2. I sat until the end of...
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    Quick after work hunt....

    I just blew it tonight, I think. We got out of work a few minutes early so I sped home to don my hunting clothes and sit in my back yard treestand. The stand is set on a north facing slope with a very steep angle downward to a flat area. I sat until almost the end of legal shooting light...
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    I had to take the day off

    Sadly I had to take the day out for the passing of my godfather. He was in a nursing home for a while and declined quite a bit. I figured that I am an early riser anyways, I took off for a couple of hours with the bow near my home on some state land. I walked up a dirt road leading south...