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    Doe Down and Broadhead Review

    Congrats Longbow! We use the 2 blade rage for crossbows. My deer last year had 2" slice on entry and exit. Sarah's deer had the same entry and exit was thru intestines and broadhead lodged in opposite hind knee. When I first saw the bolt with no broadhead I was worried that some of the horror...
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    Deer Calls

    As a follow up, Captain Eastman of NH F&G got back to me and electronic calls are legal for deer. The only thing that they are illegal for are waterfowl, turkey and moose.
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    Sarahs first Archery Deer.

    Thanks longbow, she sure has. She's not the wife that just shows up to shoot. She is in the thick of it, scouting, making food plots, helped build the Shamp, moving tree stands, etc.. I would say she puts in more time than the average hunter. Its nice that she tagged early and I hope she does...
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    Sarahs first Archery Deer.

    Thanks Mow! I'm her hubby, though. LOL
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    Sarahs first Archery Deer.

    This story has been 4 years in the making. My wife was involved in a car accident in 2006. An uninsured driver never hit his brakes going 55 miles an hour down the road. My wife was making a right hand turn and was slowed to almost complete stop. It tore her right shoulder up and after 3 failed...
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    Deer Calls

    I looked for it in the regs and didn't find anything either. I did send a message to F&G and am still waiting on a reply.
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    Camp Weekends

    Those look like awesome times! Thanks for sharing!
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    Good Luck Everyone!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and awesome hunting season! Look forward to seeing pics and hearing the stories! If you happen to use Facebook, check out our family page- Fam Bam Outdoors and post your outdoor adventures to it!
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    Deer Calls

    Mountain Hunter is correct, here in NH electronic calls are illegal for deer, turkey and waterfowl. I have had limited success with grunt calling. I have taken deer that came in after I have been grunting. Whether I called them in or they were just headed my way anyway is the question.
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    NH Hunter 2020 Moose Hunt

    No, we were out on sales calls. PM and I will fill you in.
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    NH Hunter 2020 Moose Hunt

    That's awesome buddy! I look forward to your outcome! It was good seeing you on Saturday at Morses. I would have liked to chat for a few, but didn't want to interrupt.
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    Missing persons nh

    RIP gentlemen😞
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    Chalk one up for the good guys.....

    That's awesome! I hope the piece of (expletive) is a member on here. Kind of a short similar story. This farmer in town gives everyone permission to hunt his cornfields for waterfowl. A so called buddy and hunting partner announces to my bro and I that the farmer gave him exclusive rights to...
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    NH Hunter 2020 Moose Hunt

    Damn Shawn! That's a big boy! Hope you get'em!
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    Cellular cameras

    I'll vouch for the squirrels! I like my Spypoints, but dang, I get lots of squirrel pics and I have a couple Booner coons up to the Shamp!

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