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    Hunting with Glasses

    Ditto on what everyone said about glasses while hunting. Fogging up, rain, etc really hampers you. Contacts are the way to go if you can’t go lasik. If you do go with glasses get some anti fog wipes to help with condensation.
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    NJ Bear Attack

    without a management plan bear attacks on livestock and humans will increase. Bad situation when wildlife professionals are not allowed to do their jobs.
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    Might be good for trail cams and treestands

    Would be easy to locate in a trail camera. I have hidden air tags in trailer, motorcycle, truck. They do work.
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    2022 Maine Moose Lottery

    My bad luck started long before I ever watched the live stream last year. In since the first lottery , never missed a year, never drawn.
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    2022 Maine Moose Lottery

    will the 2022 moose lottery be live streamed again this year? Little too far to travel from Tennessee to watch live.
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    Maine Moose Lottery

    I forget who I spoke to but was told I would not lose the bonus points if I became a resident. Hopefully I can get drawn before then so I don’t have to worry about it. In addition to changing my truck, boat, motorcycle and drivers licence to Maine the big issue is Maine has a state income tax...
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    Maine Moose Lottery

    Non resident. Over 65 so I might just move into my cabin when I retire to establish residency. Might be the only way I draw a tag.
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    Maine Moose Lottery

    I have been entering since the first lottery back in 1980. Have never been drawn and have 120 bonus points this year. Have been on a 3 hunts as a sub-permittee. This year so far on 4 entries as a sub plus my own entry. Maybe I'll get lucky this time and get my own tag.
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    Maine Deer Hunt 2022

    Most likely head back to Maine the 2nd week but plans are flexible. A lot depends if anyone in our group is successful drawing a moose tag this year, 120 bonus points for me. maybe the jinx will be lifted this season.
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    Buck Down

    Nice deer. Congratulations
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    Looking for Zone 11 camp for OC1 moose hunt

    10-4 on the windmills. They put 13 across passadumkaeg mountain that used to be my go to spot. Now there is a gated road up both sides of the mountain making easy access for those with keys. You can hear those towers from a long distance. Annoying in my opinion.
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    Looking for Zone 11 camp for OC1 moose hunt

    That is either real good advice or you have a couple of bulls staked out there trying to keep everyone out of your honey hole :) Thanks for the advice.
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    Looking for Zone 11 camp for OC1 moose hunt

    Thanks Kingman. Have talked to a couple of guys in the Northern 1/2 of 11. Waiting on a call back to wrap up the deal.
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    Looking for Zone 11 camp for OC1 moose hunt

    Trying to swap for an 18 but no takers so far. Would be great to get into our home core area.

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