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    Who is Still Hunting?

    I have 2 more hunts in MA and then I'm hanging it up for the season. Won't be still hunting though, just sitting in a tree bored out of my mind with a bow :) The freezer is full so my motivation isn't very high but I do need to pull two stands so I'll hunt them and pull them at the end of the...
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    Riley's Gun Shop Hooksett NH Closes

    My only experience with Morse's was buying a new bow a couple of years ago and it was a very good experience, it's just a very long drove for me so I don't get there much. I used to like Rileys 5 or 6 years ago but really stopped going a few years back after they changed management. It used to...
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    Colorado Elk hunt

    Aweomse hunt and write up, congrats. Hunting out west is certainly a different experience and a first bull elk is a great memory! Badlands does make great packs. I have the 4500 for when I used to do pack in hunting trips. The gutless method is definitely the way to go when elk hunting, I...
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    Blizzard Buck Down

    Congrats, that is one hell of a buck! Nice work sticking out the elements and tagging a huge one!
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    Christmas Knives 2019

    Beautiful knives, great craftsmanship!
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    Sons Thanksgiving day buck...

    That is a hell of a nice buck, congrats to your son!
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    mbVT Maine Tracking 2019

    Congrats on a great day with your dad and a nice buck!
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    whole front shoulder

    thanks for posting this, I'm definitely going to try it!!
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    NJ Youth Day Buck

    Awesome! Nice buck and congrats to you and your boy!
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    2019 Maine Trip

    Great buck, congrats on the successful tracking job!!!
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    Cool Experience

    That's amazing, congrats! It's always special having a kid along on a hunt. An experience you both will never forget, nice job!!
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    Shooter Buck's 2019 Week 3 Recap

    Great story and congrats on the bucks. Sounds like an amazing time at camp with family!!
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    Both buck tags filled in a tripple up

    Yeah the truck looked great. I got some honks and high fives (mostly from trucks) on the highway but I can only imagine how many people I triggered driving into Woburn area :)
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    Personal best ADK buck

    Beautiful buck, congrats!
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    Both buck tags filled in a tripple up

    Had a good day on Monday Nov 4th and wanted to share my crazy morning in the woods.. Weather was cold, the rut is kicking in and I had a good stand on a property that is trying to reduce the deer population. Got up at 4, was on stand at 5:20. The first deer appeared at 7 and 3 archery deer...

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