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    Moose Lottery

    Just 4 points so far, this year it will be 5. When does it start getting worthwhile to apply for the actual hunt vs. just the points?
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    New to hunting

    Step One is to go to your local sporting goods store and see if you can get a copy of the "Abstracts" which are the hunting rules and regs for your state. You can also find links below to the information you need. Just like RB said, you will need to take hunter ed. And search for mentoring...
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    Camp Purchases in Maine

    Has anyone recently purchased a camp/land in Maine? I got a lead on a piece of property in Androscoggin county and I wanted to learn more about potential purchase/financing options. I am looking for any good information on quirks of land purchase specifically in Maine that may be different...
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    What scope/base/rings for Tikka t3X lite in .30-06

    Got a good deal on a new LH rifle. Now I need to outfit it with optics. Any recommendations? I am not doing much shooting over 200 yards. I've had good luck with the Leupold scopes in the past, but open to any reasonable option. Trying to keep the cost under $500 for the scope/base/rings.
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    Looking like coyote hunting contests are done for in MA
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    E-Scouting Turkeys

    So, I am trying to narrow down scouting locations for some boots on the ground work, in east central MA (Zones 9 and 10). I know a lot the public areas that have the optimum pines, oaks, and field combo are typically packed with other hunters and getting too crowded for my comfort. So I am...
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    F&W Community Meeting on Coyote Contest 4/4 in West Barnstable Anyone on the Cape going to this? I am interested in knowing how it goes, as this has been a hot topic this season. It's a good opportunity for anti-hunters to make it look bad. Hopefully some...
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    Thoughts on the BLR in 30-06?

    Thinking of swapping my righty Savage 111 in .30-06 for a Browning BLR in .30-06. As a lefty, I like operating my 336 better than my RH bolt action. The BLR seems like a good compromise. I don't think I'll ever be hunting out west, so effective range isn't really a major factor. But I am...
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    Planning an Indiana Hunt

    Photos Hoping these guys are still hanging around.
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    Enfield 1858 2 Band - Newbie

    So, I got incredibly lucky and won a nice Parker and Hale 1858 Enfield rifle. But my only experience with muzzleloaders is my plain jane Traditions in-line. Any good resources out there for supplies, minie ball molds, lead, cleaning jags, etc? Also, can I use triple 7 in that, or do I need to...
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    Cooler Size for Deer?

    So I am hoping to score a deer on my upcoming Indiana trip and looking for cooler for transport back to MA. I don't think Indiana is a CWD state, so I am hoping I can bring back some bone-in cuts, etc. Cabelas has a 120 qt Igloo on sale this week, but that may be too big. Any recommendations...
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    This pic gets me pumped for my Indiana hunt!

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    My Remington Model 6

    Getting the barrel re-lined on my early 1900s Model 6. The rifling was shot and the chamber had bulged a bit making casing extraction tough, but the gun was cosmetically in good shape. I hemmed and hawed, but decided I'd rather have it in shooting condition. It was my great grandfather's and...
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    Turkey sightings?

    I am seeing zero turkeys in the metrowest area east of 495/west of Boston/north of I-90, specifically while cruising by the WMAs. Anyone seeing birds (I don't want to know where specifically) outside the neighborhoods, or did the noreasters drive them out of the woods for food/shelter?
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    Boot Liners

    I was gifted a pair of second hand LL Bean hunting boots that look like they were never worn, but they are one size bigger than I usually wear. Anyone here ever use wool boot liners? I am wondering if I can put a set of those in them and make them a better fit. If do go the liner route, not...

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