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    2019 Maine Trip

    Glad you also included the other further away pic, the slight turn looks outstanding! Def puts into perspective on the size!
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    Looking into making my first purchase for a rifle and scope.

    Remember coming coming across a while ago, ADFG’s take on:
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    Russell Brothers Book

    Stretched out the reading enjoyment, a chapter or two here and there. Impressive how you recounted & captured that level of detail. Quickly recognized pic on pg 210, a HC classic! Hats off to you fellas!
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    Unused beagle pants 32x32

    Interesting on the pants, would have guessed the opposite w/ fitting more generous as the Beagle jacket I have seems to run larger than true to size. Good for whoever gets this new old stock pair!
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    Browning BAR Carbine 308

    Neat carbine .308 combo and sharp looking! I like that finish a lot better than the high gloss on my BLR. Someday, I will knock it back to more of a satin. No BARs but have the pump version, a new old stock BPR .243 Safari that will be fun trying out someday and comparing to the 7600.
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    Russelbro. Youtube video

    Agreed, awesome mix of footage that def captured the essence of north woods hunting. A thumbs-up on shooting at the pit scene. I look forward to watching again, perfect for grabbing a coffee and enjoying during the off-season.
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    $8,500 LEB 7600

    Was scratching my head on the peep also, but then recollected BWB 7600 was the one that came installed w/ Williams peep.
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    Prayers for Russellbro family

    Josh, keeping a steady flow of thoughts & prayers heading Jase’s & your fam’s way
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    Bowhunting the NMW

    Idea wise, flying into Boston saves good money and then the option of renting a 4WD truck/SUV. Lived/worked in MI years back and flew home every year to hunt ME or NH w/ fam. When I moved back to east coast (D.C.) and was within a reasonable day's drive, I did that a couple times w/ my truck...
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    2019 Observations

    Interesting about the GMC/Chevy experiences and mention of the E80, didn't realize an Eaton auto-locker on rear that comes w/ certain models/trims. Automatically engages when one rear wheel slips >100 revs. Makes sense on the 4WD system feeling more robust and having better traction on...
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    ON X app question?

    some info:
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    Wool pant options

    Thanks for mentioning, heard good stuff about their boot products as well.
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    Wool pant options

    In older thread, mbr confirmed Beagle's standalone zip-up cape/vest does have the windproof/waterproof membrane, the same used inside the Stalker and Extreme coats. I have the cape/vest and can vouch it adds a nice layer of warmth for coldest days. Old Beagle catalog mentioned "DuPont...
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    Wool pant options

    This might be an interesting solution for repairing/modifying, didn’t realize they made such (Cordura Combat Wool):

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