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    Chinese Virus

    My word, I hope not. There are enough people here already who want to tell us everything we've been doing wrong for the last 200 years.
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    Federal TBBC 35 Whelen Ammo

    Wow, I saw them for $47 in a shop last week.
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    Let's See Your 2020 Archery Setup!

    After a ten year hiatus from archery hunting I decided to get back into it this year. I ended up buying that model. I haven’t shot it much and am new to crossbows so I can’t offer much of a review. With VT now allowing crossbows and my daughter having passed her bowhunter safety at...
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    2020 Hunting Plans

    I’ll be atchery hunting in VT for the first time in about 10 years, looking forward to that. We will be youth hunting in VT, and if things work out early on that front we will try to head up to camp for NH youth. We have two kids who are pretty disappointed that the VT and NH youth weekends...
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    Hernia Surgery

    Glad to hear you are on the road to putting that past you. Not such a good day for the toad.
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    Maine Camp 2019

    Great June refreshment. Thanks for sharing, hope your clan has a successful 2020!
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    Filson Sale

    Stormy Kromer is the same way, although they probably are less "trending" and more solidly planted with hipster vibe. I get their e-newsletter and I don’t think anybody in the pictures could tell a deer track from rabbit track. Makes me think of this:
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    R.I.P. Elli

    Sad day for sure, sounds like she had a good run. I had to put down our beagle a couple months ago, its a tough row to hoe.
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    I’ve seen and heard a handful of grunting bucks in VT, I think every one was following a doe. The legal ones didn’t live long enough to catch up to her though. 😉 Most were in areas I wouldn’t consider as having much competition for does.
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    Moose Lottery

    Congrats Shawn, super happy for you. I was scrolling through the winners looking for mine and they were sorted by first name. Saw your name in I1 and thought it looked familiar. Hope you share some of the journey with us along the way. Good luck!
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    2020 Moose Lottery Drawing Event

    Oh’fer going on twenty years now.
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    2020 Shed Season

    Great find! I never made it out this year. Gates were all still lovked when we were up to camp.
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    Corn cage

    That should work out well for you Browse. We used to plant 15 rows about 35 yards long at my grandmothers house years ago. We used a two strand electric fence to keep the coons out, but not without an occasional successful intruder. Most of my aunts/uncles/cousins would get together for a...
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    Timberframe House Build

    Here are some outside pictures. I wrapped up the siding this week, just in time to head to camp and relax for a long weekend. Plenty of landscaping left to do, but we'll get there.
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    New guy from MA

    Welcome, stick around and share some stories. We love fresh off season reading to limp through the summer.

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