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    Human Nature Documentary:

    This is a link to the Human Nature documentary being made about Hunting and VT and NE....pretty amazing, check it out:
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    Vermont Doe Tags

    Got to get them by this Friday....get 'em if you want 'em...!!!
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    Thanksgiving Day 2011 VT Rilfe Season:

    I love to hunt on Thanksgiving, and seeing that we had to be in Burlington at my Brothers house by 2pm, figured I could get in a pretty good hunt. Day started early and started well...we had about 6" of powder snow on the ground. Went to a local farm in the dark and immediately ran into...
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    What trail cam picture management program?

    Hey guys, So I broke down and bought a new computer...and I'm not real happy with the picture program on it....what do you guys use to manage your trail cam photos? I've used Nikon Picture Project in past and liked it...any recommendations? Thanks, Shawn
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    Deer Killer March:

    Seems to be setting up to put a real hurt on the deer, we have way too much snow in the woods in my neck of the woods....seems all movement has I pray for a warming trend to help them out.....what are you guys seeing. Shawn
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    3 leg deer

    Incredible...looks like it never had a leg:
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    Habitat Plans for 2014

    Great idea for new forum. And I just did my 2014 Habitat To-Do List: -plant bin of acorns, gotta be 5000 or so. This will take some time. -plant the 160 or so old Red Oak Seedlings I started from acorns last winter. -Replant purple top turnips in my existing clover food plot in...
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    Vt MuzzleLoader Season

    Heading out now....bit too crunchy snow up here for tracking...bummer. good luck to all who hunt this season! Shawn
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    Nice bucks on VT Big Game Facebook:

    For you guys on facebook....check out the super nice bucks and photo's on the VT Big Game Trophy Club facebook page....some bruisers.....the weights look way up this year.
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    The Urban Ethos:

    read this article and the comments only if you want a peek inside the urban ethos as regards to hunting, if you wish to not be stirred I'd advise you not peruse the comments...
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    Passing it on:

    great pics and stories. Here is my daughter two years ago with a nice buck that I dragged about a mile and 1/2 from local swamp, right down route 12 to the Elmore Store to check it in, first time the owner warren had any one drag a deer directly to the store:
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    Passing it on:

    Saw badboys last post with pic of his daughter and got me to thinking of a thread for pics of getting kids into our pastime. Here's my 4 year old this past weekend, first time up in a treestand looking for deer. The camo facepaint and rangefinder were a big hit: Even had my wife in this 2...
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    One tough Woodcock:

    Went bird hunting the other day, pretty nice area put up 11 woodcock and 2 grouse. The first two woodcock my dog pointed and I shot them, looking at the second one I see no wounds except for it's eye...looked like a pellet went right in the eye. I'm starting to feel pretty good and skilled, in...
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    Vt Bear on WCAX

    We'll this is cool, a woman shot a 380lb bear in Derby...her first one!!! They did not have a picture, would love to see it. Story was on WCAX website, pretty cool: Anyone been out, seeing anything?

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