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  • I bought a bow from Ultratech last summer but haven't shot it much. I got my oldest son a starter bow for christmas so as soon as it warms up a little we'll get some practice in. What dates are you thinking?
    I see you are from Elmore. Ever hunt Lacasse(sp) apple orchard in the swamp? I have shot a few deer out of there...
    C-I've only met Issac Merriman once, real nice guy, hope he's doing well in the Marines. I too love that area...lots of good critters and space to not run into people.....lots of bear, good moose, few deer be we do have some nice ones...grouse in beech years are awesome up there. Maybe I'll run into you in the woods someday, I'll be the guy with a German Wirehaired Pointer.

    Hey 2BD. I just noticed you are from Elmore. I love route 12 down to Montpelier. I have a buddy who used to work at the store and is now a Marine. Do you know Issac?
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