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    $8,500 LEB 7600

    The best reads about the Benoit’s are in Bryce Towsley’s books Benoit Bucks and Big Bucks The Benoit Way. Just my opinion.
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    238# Maine Buck

    Great story great buck. Tell your buddy we’ll send a pray his way but he needs to keep up the fight!!
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    First week of the 2019 Maine rifle season.

    What can one say other than congrats to you & your buddies. You can’t put a price on those longtime friendships. Your 81 year old friend is making me feel a little lazy but at the same time he’s stoking the fire in myself and I’m betting in others too. Thanks for sharing the story.
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    Forum Software Upgrade

    Quite an improvement in the speed and much easier to read.
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    Sling Options

    Do you prefer a sling on your rifle? If yes what type, leather, nylon, cobra style, padded, custom made etc. Also does anyone have experience with a Rhodesian style sling, it can also be used to steady your arms with an off hand shot.
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    How To Carry Extra Rifle Cartridges

    What do you use to carry extra rifle cartridges when hunting? A carrier on the rifle butt stock, some type of belt carrier or something else.
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    Rings and Base

    Here's a picture of my 7600 with a Leupold 2x7 Var II scope, Leupold one piece mount & low bases.
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    7600 Reborn

    This is my first attempt at refinishing a rifle. I always liked the 7600's this one started out as a $250 pawn shop find. The blueing was worn, the wood finish worn, nicked etc. It also had a Bushnell scope with a dent in it. I was wanting a hunting rifle not a museum piece and tried to...
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    Which Scope Rings ??

    I've got a Remington 7600 that I want to mount a Leupold 2-7x, 33mm scope. I've decided on the Leupold one piece base but not sure about the rings. Should I use low or medium height rings?
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    Scope Mount: One or Two Piece ?

    I'm new to rifle scopes, rings & mounts and have a question. What are the good & bad points on one piece versus two piece scope mounts? The rifle in question is a Reminton 7600 in .270 caliber. It's not an ultra long rang gun just a hunting rifle. Thanks.
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    Rookie Question: Slide Latch

    I just purchased a 7600 in .270 caliber. It's a pawn shop specimen that has issues, mostly cosmetic but I have yet to shoot it. So far just gave it a good cleaning. It will most likely become a project rifle and as this type of rifle is new to me I'm working through some questions. I was...