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  • No problem. Thanks for responding I know everyone is super busy right now. I've got some time to check into it but it looks like the Delta Water Way looks promising. Good luck on the trail!
    Hi 12Ring
    Escout suggested I contact you to get some advice on where to go on public state land in New Jersey for a decent chance to get a few deer. I work retail so December for me is impossible to catch the Deer season here in Ma. but New Jersey extends the Deer Season all the way through January when I get a few weeks off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's always tough to break new ground unless you can get a good lead from someone. Thanks again! Leaf
    That is a beauty behind you Mike. who is that hunting partner with you?
    Wow I just pushed a button and this stuff came up. Belive it or not that Buck behind me came from Ct. 3 years ago. I'm not real puter smart and every time I click on you addy AOL wants me to log on. ?
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